Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How you doin?

So this first post here, I know I am just talking to myself.  My hope is that someday someone else will read this…  My goal for this blog is to try and inspire others as others have inspired me.  There are a lot of great and talented bloggers out there and I hope to join in the ranks with them.  Some of the projects on here will be with the assistance of my husband Mike.  He is my builder, and very talented at it too.  Most anything I ask of him, he is able to figure out a way to build it or find plans for it.  He also is my listener when I start going on about some craft or project that I want to do.  I like to dabble in a bit of everything.  My first passion is sewing; I sometimes get burnt out on that though so I make my way to another medium.  I like to make clothes for my daughter, presents for others and am going to take a quilting class in the New Year.

A little about myself:
I work full time so I may not get to post on here as much as I want to.  I have a four year old daughter, Laura (La) and three year old son, Charlie (Cha).  They are 17 months apart and a hand full, as they get older though it gets easier and I am able to do more of my “crafty” things.  My husband Mike and I got married in Aug 2006.  We are both stubborn and sometime argue about how a project should be done… but most of the time he gives in and see it my way… Anyway I have some projects that I hope to soon get posted, will have to see how long that takes but I hope you enjoy! 

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